Friday, December 6, 2013

Very First Post Ever! (New on Blogging..)

First day of my blogging and im trying to be a good article-writer for any stray readers of my blog. (first time kasi eh.. you know na?!)

Anyways, I wanna start my blog about "Family Park" which happened to be my first meeting place with my boyfriend (parang first date bah?). We haven't mind that we spent several hours talking things about us and our past; our likes and dislikes. And I'm so thankful to him, introducing this simple place where I can unwind and relax after my stressful day.

Well, if your route is from Country Mall, it should be past ahead USC Talamban and you would just spent 8 pesos only for a ride and then another 20 pesos for the entrance fee. So convenient with our limited budget. 

Once we entered, trees with very peaceful scenery welcomed us like they are giving us a chance to be away from the city just for a moment. We heard a lot of birds chirping and trees swaying with the winds seemingly happy with our visit. It is so relaxing that you can think of having a house that you can stay for weekends.
  To have a very short overview of their vicinity, they do have wide path for jogging and a wide area for some games (e.g. badminton but not with ball games). And for children and children-minded people (like me) to enjoy, they have mini zoo, see-saws, slides and swings (that I enjoyed most).

Just to end my very first post, I wanna say thanks for the people who still preserve parks like this. At least we can be on a place so distant from the noisy and crowded city. 

By the way guys, I really do hope that you eventually like my blog. For some suggestions and comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be open to all your thoughts. (at least I can be a good artile writer someday)

(Guys, please bare with my terms for my very post ever.. :) .. xoxo